January 25th, 2010
Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson

As a partner at Cambria Consulting, and head of our technology team, I manage the architecture, development and hosting of our software application development platform.

I was working as a programmer at Cambria in 1998 as the internet first started to gain acceptance in the corporate world. I developed our first hosted services, which were custom assessment tools.

Over the next few years, we developed a variety of custom tools which we hosted and provided via the internet to our corporate clients. We wanted to leverage our development efforts across the tools we provided for our different clients. We were able to do this to some extent with Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology, but the opportunity to do this in a robust way came with the introduction of the next generation of software development tools.

In 2004 I architected a software development platform specifically designed to rapidly create and deploy applications via a multi-tenanted hosted platform, a model that has since become the standard for providing our custom software as a service (SaaS) solutions. This allows all programming code to be shared across multiple customer applications in a single instance, and customer sites to be configured with xml files.

This platform has been the core of our application development over the last 5 years.  Our in-house development team has created applications for over 30 clients, with over 3000 screens, with all new functionality building on the core application development platform.

I started my career as an engineer. My bachelors degree was in Materials Engineering, and I joined the UK Ministry of Defence after graduating. I conducted materials R&D, quality testing and failure analyses for the first two years. Then I joined what was Europe’s largest defense project at the time for the next generation Frigate for the British, French and Italian navies.

During this time, I contracted for and maintained Oracle Safety and Engineering Standards databases, which spurred my interest in databases and technology.

When I left the UK and moved to the US (for personal reasons) I initially landed a job working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts leveraging my technical and project management expertise as a project planner. This involved project management, and programming customizations to Microsoft Project for a project to link out of area claims across Blue Cross Blue Shield providers nationwide.

During that time I took evening classes in programming and database technology. A year later I joined Cambria as a programmer, and started my journey into web application development .

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